PamWin-3 Software

General Features and Graphical User Interface

Two different levels of graphical user interfaces are provided by the PamWin-3 software: The field screen and the advanced level user interface.

The field screen serves mainly for outdoor operation where ease and simplicity of instrument control is important. Conveniently, the elements of the field screen are accessible via the touch screen display of an optional ultra mobile PC.

The advanced level user interface offers a multitude of fluorescence analyses ranging from measurements of Kautsky induction kinetics to polyphasic rise kinetics, upon onset of saturating light, and fast fluorescence decay curves.


Advanced Level User Interface

The advanced level user interface of the PamWin-3 software includes saturation pulse analysis, recording of fluorescence kinetics (ranging from fast changes in the μsec domain to slow changes over many seconds, minutes or even hours), and a wide range of graphical and analytical features.

The instrument parameters of fluorescence induction curves and light curves can be easily programmed on a special settings window.

The reproducible recording of fast kinetics can be designed using a special graphical user interface (fast trigger settings) for programming the on/off times of the various light sources (measuring light, actinic light, far-red, single/multiple turnover flashes) with 2.5 μs resolution.

High signal quality can be obtained even under difficult conditions (e.g. small sample size, low chlorophyll content, low yield of variable fluorescence) by fast kinetics averaging.

Script Files

The PAM-2500 fluorometers can be operated automatically by employing the script file feature of the PamWin-3 software.

Script files easily perform complex test protocols, which otherwise would require many manually entered commands. In this way, sophisticated measurements can be carried out reliably and reproducibly even by inexperienced users.