PamWin-3 Software

General Features and Graphical User Interface

The “field screen” of the PamWin-3 software serves mainly for outdoor operation where ease and simplicity of instrument control is important. The elements of the field screen are easily accessible via the touch screen display of an optional ultra-mobile PC. The “advanced” level interface gives the user full control of the instrument for more elaborate experiments.

Advanced Level User Interface

The advanced level user interface of the PamWin-3 software includes saturation pulse analysis, recording of µs fluorescence kinetics, and a wide range of graphical and analytical features. The parameters defining fluorescence induction curves and light curves can be easily programmed in a special settings window.


Using the script file feature of the PamWin-3 software, custom-designed experiments can be carried out by simply clicking the Start button. Script files can execute complex experimental protocols with a precision that cannot be achieved manually.

A special graphical user interface (fast trigger settings) is provided for fast kinetics programming. The interface permits switching of light sources with 2.5 μs time resolution. High signal quality can be obtained even with noisy signals by fast kinetics averaging.