System Combination

Images of fluorescence parameters and PAR absorptivity reveal heterogeneities in the leaf function that cannot be detected by gas exchange measurements.

In return, most physiological heterogeneities, or differences in genotypes, only become clearly visible in fluorescence images under changing CO2, O2 or temperature conditions, or under extreme conditions, all of which can be easily applied with a gas exchange system.

The IMAGING-PAM M-Series MINI version can be equipped with the Adapter IMAG-MIN/GFS, so that it connects to the Standard Measuring Head 3010-S with a simple but firm snap-on mount. This connection even enables imaging of objects located in various specialized cuvettes.

On the larger scale, imaging can be carried out using an IMAGING-PAM M-Series MAXI version in combination with the large-spaced Gas-Exchange Chamber 3010-GWK1. This facilitates climate controlled imaging over an area of 10 x 13 cm2 supplemented by gas exchange analysis.

The software of both systems (GFS-Win and ImagingWin) operate in synchrony on one laptop exchanging data between each other. This allows automatic imaging during light curves or CO2-curves controlled by GFS-Win.